JUNE 2018

Mirait achieves record in FTTB delivery timeframe for nbn


MIRAIT Technologies Australia's Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) delivery team continues to achieve milestones in delivery on behalf of nbn. In addition to the hundred’s of sites already delivered, Mirait has now achieved the fastest turnaround in the history of the nbn project, with FTTB site (2GBE-04-00-MPS-012) constructed within 19 business days. Mirait also delivered critical EUP’s categorised as the “Top 6 NBN FTTB Sites” in NSW within 25 Business days of receiving NBN brief. These sites having a total premise counts of 2,000 + premises. The ability of Mirait to deliver these sites within a very tight timeframe assisted nbn NSW in the achievement of their FY18 delivery targets.

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