Workplace Health & Safety Management

Workplace Health & Safety Management


MIRAIT Technologies Australia is committed to ensuring a safe work place for its employees.


Through the promotion of a safe working environment and the proactive identifying and rectifying of any unsafe work conditions or practices, MIRAIT Technologies Australia is continually striving to improve safety performance and achieve a zero harm workplace.


The organisation has a comprehensive safety system in place, that traverses the entire business, in full compliance with Workplace Health and Safety Legislation. Included in this is MIRAIT’s proprietary Integrated Management System, which monitor’s, reports on, and makes available throughout the organisation all relevant information on compliance performance, incident management, process change and project risk. This integrated system ensures uniform compliance with AS 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the OFSC across the organisation.

All employees and sub-contractors are fully engaged in the system and are made aware of their responsibilities though inductions, toolbox meetings, Safe Work Environmental Method Statements (SWEMS) and Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA). Safety audits and inspections are continually conducted, and third party audits of our Safety Management Systems ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement.


In addition to a comprehensive operations management system, MIRAIT Technologies Australia has an integrated set of policies and plans which assist in maintaining high standards of execution nationally.