Hydro Energy

Hydro Energy

Hydroelectric power plants contribute as a key energy supplier in renewable energy. They come in all sizes, with some of the larger plants producing more than 10 GW and the power generated from the potential energy of dammed water driving a water turbine and generator.

The major advantage of hydro power is that the fuel is readily available at no cost. In addition, hydroelectric power plants have a long economic life and require limited staff resources for their operation.

Mirait works on behalf of power companies to innovate and streamline hydro power plants with a view to provide future sustainable efficient power generation. This is achieved through utilising the latest technology and creating innovative solutions in the quest to raise the efficiency of existing units. Our team works to assure the quality of our client’s investments in both retrofits and new hydro power plants deliver the best possible outcomes.

Mirait is in a unique position to offer both EBOP and Pipeline solutions for Hydro energy projects for our clients, reducing the number of contractors and therefore reducing costs.

Regarding safety and security for hydro energy, we specialised in dam safety tasks such as improved intake inlets with concrete reinforcing to ensure dam wall integrity for both earth and reinforced concrete dams. We also work with improving electrical control equipment that enables more efficient and secure automatic control.

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