Mirait awarded Telstra CNI Contract Extension


After completing a three year Design and Construction contract for the Remediation program with Telstra in August this year worth $81.7 million, MIRAIT Technologies Australia is pleased to announce it has been awarded the contract extension for another two years. Mirait has mobilised over 40,000 work sites in the last 2 years throughout the program, which covers the entire eastern states of Australia.

Mirait delivers the program via Field Service CRM and an infield application, enabling real-time infield management and completions. The Mirait Field Service CRM uses API’s, a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features and data of both Mirait’s and Telstra’s operating systems enabling an open view of scheduling, resourcing and reporting in real time. Real-time management enables Mirait, the client and both internal and subcontractor workforce to manage delivery KPI’s and identify early any risk to the works or program. The data obtained on the performance of these works is reported through the weekly governance meetings with the client.

Mirait is the leading performer nationally in delivering the CNI Program against Telstra’s KPI’s. Since July 2016, Mirait has achieved 100% KPI performance under the Telstra Asset Relocation and Commercial Works (ARCW) contract. Over the last five years, Mirait has only dropped below 100% KPI monthly metric three times.

The KPI’s include:

  • CED Date met
  • As Built plans completed in time
  • Accuracy of as built data
  • Complaints (nil)
  • Auditing Compliance
  • Defect Rectification

In a recently conducted ACM audit by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) on behalf of Telstra, Mirait was the top performer among audited delivery partners. Telstra invited Mirait to join the National Telstra HSE Subcontractor Management Forum and Mirait is also working directly with Telstra via the CSD (Customer Service Delivery) – Mirait Governance Forum. Mirait is now recognised by Telstra as the leading authority in the removal of ACM in the pit remediation area.

Mirait has developed a program that allows real time auditing and incident notification straight from the field via an app. This in house development has enabled Mirait to analyse data and corrective actions with no lag times, improving non-conformance close outs and better risk controls.


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