AUGUST, 2017

Mirait Sub-contractor Workforce Locations



Telstra CNI Pit Replacement Program

Mirait delivers over 18,000 pit replacements for Telstra in FY17. Since the commencement of the project back in October 2015, Mirait has replaced over 30,000 pits across the entire eastern seaboard of Australia.

In September 2015, Mirait Technologies Australia was selected by Telstra to assist with their Proactive Pit Remediation program. The program covers an area from southern Tasmania to Dauan Island, located approximately 10kms off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and will involve the remediation of approximately 45,000 pits.

A contributing factor to Mirait’s success in delivering such a geographically dispersed program of work is our extensive sub-contractor network. With over 500 sub-contractors nationally within our Staff Management and Resource Tool (S.M.A.R.T), Mirait is able to deliver programs across Australia.

Throughout the delivery of this program Mirait has continued to refine systems and processes, continually seeking opportunities to improve on program efficiencies and visibility of performance for Telstra and our operations team. Our infield works management system is an example of this refinement; delivering infield work assignment, HSEQ compliance and monitoring (including mandatory hold points and digital capture), process management and artefact capture.


Mirait's infield works management app

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