Office of Federal Safety (OFSC) Audit

Annually MIRAIT Technologies Australia is audited by the Office of Federal Safety (OFSC) to ensure compliance to Australian Standards. These audits include a review of Mirait’s entire HSE management system including verification and application of compliance at work sites. With a little over 400 companies in Australia that meet the OFSC’s requirements, this certification is world’s best practice. Mirait has held this accreditation for over 7 years and was one of the first companies to have the certification extended from 3 years to 5 years for exceptional results. Mirait are pleased to announce successfully achieving our best results so far. A number of highlights helped us achieve this very high standard including:

• Worksite Inspection compliance
• Compliance meeting attendance
• Corrective actions register
• Internal audit
• Business risk strategy
• Project pack compliance

The auditor was impressed with Mirait’s onsite compliance and the use of Project Pre-Commencement Assessment. Mirait would like to thank its employees and subcontractors for their ongoing compliance and due diligence, achieving great results through teamwork.


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