Mirait's continuous improvement of ACM management

For many years now MIRAIT Technologies Australia have been a leader in the management of removal, transport and disposal of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) pits and conduits. These materials can cause serious health issues and require extensive training, licencing and planning to ensure there is zero harm to our workers, subcontractors and the general public. Over the years Mirait have been instrumental in the continuous improvement of safe ACM removal processes and were recognised by Price Waterhouse Cooper as Telstra’s leading contractor with no Non-conformances identified. In our continuous strive for improvement Mirait has developed its latest initiative to capture the attention of all workers with a  simple message that will ensure ACM is managed correctly. The A C M traffic light message is to reinforce a simple methodology when it comes to ACM discovered onsite i.e.  ALERT - CONTAINMANAGE.  This awareness campaign has seen hundreds of vehicle stickers and posters being displayed all through Mirait’s workforce to constantly remind everyone of their obligations around this dangerous material.


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