JULY 2021

Telstra Museum Item Recovery

MIRAIT Technologies Australia recently received a special request from Telstra to recover a rare and unique piece of infrastructure from its network. The equipment recovered is the only remaining one of its kind that Telstra is aware of and, as such, Mirait was requested to carefully recover the item and return it to our warehouse in Melbourne for Telstra to collect for cleaning, restoration, and placement into the Telstra Museum in Hawthorn VIC.
The unit is an old network repeater which had PJ lead sheath cable with a mix of 4 x Coax + 4 twin + 80 quad local + 8 quad carrier. The unit was recovered from Mt Duneed in regional Victoria and was also accompanied by old HV marker posts. Mirait was pleased to be able to assist Telstra in the location and recovery exercise and hope the unit provides the museum with a great example of Australia’s early telecommunications technologies.


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