Lal Lal Wind Farm

Lal Lal Wind Farm

The Lal Lal Wind Farm consists of 60 Vestas 3.8MW Wind Turbine Generators with a combined maximum rating of 228MW. The Project is made up of two sites; Elaine that comprised of 22 WTG’s and Yendon 38 WTG’s.

The power generated by the Wind farm has been transformed at a new 66/33kV substation for the Yendon site, and existing terminal station for the Elaine site, connected to the TNSP’s existing HV Transmission Line located adjacent to the wind farm project. WEA Group's trenching and cable installation innovations were praised by client.

Project Highlights

  • LTI Free

  • Zero TRIFR

  • Major Highway under bore pull

  • 120 meter pull into substation

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