JULY 2019

Mirait completes nbn Bruce Highway upgrade

MIRAIT Technologies Australia has completed a contract to deliver nbn asset relocation project to upgrade the Bruce Highway. The 8km of new road network between Caloundra to Sunshine Motorway, forms part of the National Road Network, providing safe passage for the more than 60,000 vehicles per day.
Existing fibre and copper networks within the project footprint required temporary realignment prior to civil works commencing to ensure no customers were affected whilst civil build was in progress. During construction, fibre and copper networks were installed and cutover to permanent alignments in line with nbn’s client program schedule. Mirait’s seamless transition to the new network alignment guaranteed this nationally awarded project was completed without interruption to the public and nbn customers.
For more information visit: https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Projects/Name/B/Bruce-Highway-Caloundra-Road-to-Sunshine-Motorway-upgrade


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