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Recognised by Telstra as an industry specialist, MIRAIT Technologies Australia provides design and build services for Telstra’s Optic Fibre and Copper Networks, including design, project management, installation, commissioning, network integration and maintenance. As well as a range of other specialist services including, Asset Relocations, Commercial Works, Aerial Maintenance, RIM installations, Top Hat installations and CMUX ISAM Twins.

45,000 Pit Remediation Program: In September 2015, MIRAIT Technologies Australia was awarded the $90m Proactive Pit Remediation program. Covering the entire eastern seaboard of Australia, from southern Tasmania to Dauan Island, located approximately 10kms off the coast of Papua New Guinea, this three year program of work involves the remediation of approximately 45,000 pits.

As a delivery partner to nbn, MIRAIT Technologies Australia has performed a wide variety of projects for nbn, examples include;
  • nbn Bulk drop lead ins, over 50,000 connected in NSW and QLD, whilst managing demand drops and shortfalls.
  • FTTP Build in Gosford (GOS-07 FSAM - covering 16 FDAs).
  • FFTN Node Installations - 46 SAMs within NSW and QLD, over 325 nodes and micronodes.
  • Micronode Trial: selected by nbn and Alcatel to conduct the micronode trials.
  • Pre-jumpering of cabinets and nodes, testing and fault repair of pillar to cabinet and cabinet to pillar. Over 500,000 jumpers delivered.

MIRAIT Technologies Australia has been a preferred supplier to Optus since 2007, having constructed hundreds of fibre network projects covering the eastern states. MIRAIT Technologies Australia is also a provider to Optus of specialist technical capabilities used for DSLAM builds, exchange transmission upgrades and in electronics installations for their developing technologies and Wi-Fi and mobile services.

VicTrack has become a state leader in delivering a wide variety of commercial services and projects across a broad range of industries, with Telecommunications and Rail Infrastructure being at the forefront.
Since 2007, MIRAIT Technologies Australia has delivered over 140 projects for VicTrack, and has a proven record in quality and safety, with the majority of these works constructed within the metropolitan rail corridor.
Construction works have included projects: linking multiple train stations with Optical Fibres, construction of the Digital Train Radio Network, and delivery of the Fibre Tram Network which involved optical fibre cabling above the tram electrification grid.

Mirait tractor laying cable

BrookField Rail
Brookfield Rail Pty Ltd is the manager and operator of 5,500kms of open access multi-user freight rail network in the southern half of Western Australia. In February 2014 MIRAIT Technologies Australia commenced the installation of the Esperance Line Train Radio and communications fibre optic backbone.
The project involved the supply and installation of over 200km of fibre optic cable between Esperance and Norseman and the connection of the new fibre into the existing Telstra fibre between Norseman and Kalgoorlie and supply and installation of Communication Equipment Repeater (CER) sites at various points along the 400km route, enabling the commissioning of Brookfield’s new Train Radio System and high speed data connection within the rail corridor connecting Kalgoorlie to Esperance port.

Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) operates Australia’s National Research and Education Network on behalf of 38 Universities and the CSIRO. A high speed optical fibre network, it spans the continent, from Perth to Hobart, Cairns and Darwin, with geographically diverse Network Access Point sites in all capital cities. MIRAIT Technologies Australia has been instrumental in the design and construction of numerous sites within NSW, VIC, WA and QLD.

Gold Coast Light Rail - Stage 1

Engaged to deliver two distinct programs of work. The first, engaged by Hanning and Kahl for the assembly, installation, testing and commissioning of Tram signalling equipment. MIRAIT Technologies Australia, connected the train detection sensors, signalling cable, cabinets and signals across 52 intersections and 13 stations. The second program was a minor works contract for Bombardier Transportation, and included installation of signal poles, hauling and termination of cables and electrical works.
gold coast light rail

Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia)
As a supplier of specialist technical services to Alcatel-Lucent, MIRAIT Technologies Australia has been constructing and commissioning major telecommunications networks on behalf of Alcatel Lucent for over fifteen years. Works include;
  • Telephone Exchange relocations (switching and transmission).
  • Broadband technologies (internal and external electronics).
  • Exchange submarine systems and power transmission (4000Vdc).
  • Transmission installation and commissioning.
  • TopHat and micronode trials for nbn and Telstra.
  • Wireless Access.
The installation and commissioning of new submarine exchanges as part of the expansion to Nextgen’s North West Cable System from Port Headland to Darwin, and the new Tasman Global Access Cable that Telstra, Vodafone and Spark NZ have invested in, are examples of recent works MIRAIT Technologies Australia has undertaken on behalf of Alcatel-Lucent.

Mirait Personnel

ASKAP CSIRO Radio Telescope WA
ASKAP, or the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, is the next generation radio telescope being developed by the CSIRO. Made up of 36 identical antennae, each 12 metres in diameter, working together as a single instrument. It will be one of the world’s premier radio telescopes.
MIRAIT Technologies Australia was awarded the project management and construction of the 400km Optical Fibre build between Geraldton and ASKAP for the ASKAP Radio Telescope in Western Australia.
Constructed over 7 months, staff and contractors had to endure some of the harshest weather conditions possible, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees, and overcome obstacles such as extreme rain and flooding events.
The project was successfully delivered by Mirait Technologies Australia, with the CSIRO announcing to the Federal Parliament that the transmission of light along the 400km build was a major milestone in the development of the telescope.
ASKAP CSIRO Radio Telescope WA

Soul Mitchell Link DWDM Fibre Network
Under a joint funding initiative between NSW Department of Commence and SPT Telecommunications (Soul), MIRAIT Technologies Australia was contracted to design and construct a 96 fibre DWDM link between Lithgow NSW and Parkes NSW, a distance of 256km.
During design and construction, MIRAIT Technologies Australia negotiated with 320 property owners, 3 Aboriginal Land Councils and crossed a significant National Park. Key to the delivery was the development of a low impact Land Access and Environmental plan for the Department of Environment and Conservation that enabled the approval for the crossing of the Goobang National Park.

Hunter Expressway
Work performed on behalf of the Hunter Expressway Alliance (Thiess, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Hyder Consulting). MIRAIT Technologies Australia was engaged to deliver cameras and traffic monitoring systems along 13 kilometres of the Hunter Expressway interchange.
Work included haul and termination of fibre backbone (including directional drilling), supply and install of ITS cabinets, and the commissioning of the active components, including cameras and traffic monitoring systems.

RAAF Base East Sale
MIRAIT Technologies was awarded a multimillion dollar contract through the principal builder, Thiess, to re-develop and construct communication infrastructure site wide for the Royal Australian Air Force’s Base – East Sale, in Victoria’s Gippsland region. The location for several specialist RAAF training schools, such as the Roulettes, operations continued throughout construction.
The works that MIRAIT Technologies Australia completed included the installation of communication conduits and specialist secure pits and manholes constructed to SCEC requirements for military installations, the relocation of existing networks and the remediation and removal of redundant and hazardous infrastructure. These works required specialist security clearances for personal working on site. The project was completed in 2015.